Discover and celebrate the history of NFTs with the innovators that made them happen at a historic landmark in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

Hosted by DADA, the First Historic NFT Fest brings together the creators, innovators and thinkers who started it all. This three day event will take a deep dive into the earliest NFT projects on blockchain up to 2019, and will be a fun gathering of the early NFT community.

Meet the instigators and join in conversations about the value, historical significance and contributions of early NFTs. 

The festival will offer a range of talks about the origins of NFTs, in-depth conversations with pioneering creators, a retrospective exhibition, workshops, and special activities.

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Reial Cercle Artístic 5 Carrer dels Arcs



Meet the


Joe Looney
Joe Looney
Rare Pepe Scientist (retired)

Creator of Rare Pepe Wallet.

judithESSS - u.did
Founder of BAD. Co-founder of BAD 2.0

Rare Art collector, Blockchain Art and Crypto collectibles dealer, NFT onboarder. Around since 2017.


Cryptoartist since 2016 known in the space for creating the #trashart meme/movement.

Crypto Artist, Author

Metaverse architect and founder of Slothicorn, a creative commons cryptoartist collective in 2017. I have researched the magic shapes of the happiness no one escapes.

Shaban_Shaame 500x500 - Audrey Faucher-Genest
Shaban Shaame
Founder & CEO EverdreamSoft

Shaban is the founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft, a Geneva-based company founded in 2010 that has pioneered the use of blockchain in the global game industry since 2015.

abosch_kevin_portrait_2021_500 - Studio Abosch
Kevin Abosch

Conceptual artist and Crypto Art pioneer.

Rare Scrilla
Artist & Music Producer

Manager of DJPEPE & FAKEDJPEPE. A prolific Bitcoin Artist specializing in banging ass beats, glasswork, & illustrations of frogs.

Primavera De Filippi
Primavera De Filippi
Blockchain Scholar and Artist

Legal scholar at Harvard University, Internet activist, and blockchain artist.

Cynthia Gayton_headshot_orange - Cynthia Gayton
Cynthia M. Gayton, Esq.
Attorney, Gayton Law

Attorney, educator, speaker, and published author in the fields of intellectual property, engineering, blockchain and information technology.

Eleonora Brizi
Eleonora Brizi
Crypto Art Curator

Founder of Breezy Art since 2018. Previously based in Beijing, New York, and Rome, she now lives in the Metaverse.

Nili Lerner
Nili Lerner

Conceptual and Media artist using technology and social forums as an art form. Creator of NILIcoins, the Counterparty asset collection.

colborn - Colborn Bell
Colborn Bell
Founder and Director at M○C△

(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ this guy crypto arts real gud.

Isa Kost

Isa is an Italian artist dedicated to research projects in the field of contemporary art. She experiments with both analog and digital techniques. She is a lover and experimenter of data visualization. DADA artist since 2018.

Martin Lukas Ostachowski MLO - Martin Lukas Ostachowski
Martin Lukas Ostachowski (MLO)
Crypto Artist and Historian

Documenting milestones of crypto art - the movement of values

Kelly LeValley Hunt
Kelly leValley Hunt
Founder of Mint Gold Dust. 1st Investor in SuperRare

Lover of creatives. Master of None.

Jonathan Mann
Jonathan Mann
Songwriter of the People

I write a song a day.

David-Moore (3) - David Moore
David Moore
Co-Founder of Known Origin
Over 15 years in the creative industries. Collector of crypto art since 2017. Lover of art and blockchain innovation.
Artist with a B.A. in Fine Arts Historic Research

DADA artist since 2015.

Travis-Portrait-SQ_500 - Travis S
Travis LeRoy Southworth

Conceptual artist who began exploring NFTs in 2018.

Lenara Verle
Lenara Verle
Artist & Researcher

Invisible economist, gardener, Metaverse tour guide, workshop instructor. Aka y0b.

profile - Mandel Duck
Lead Developer

SaruTobi Island. 

headshot - Theo Goodman
Theo Goodman
Auctioneer. Former Rare Pepe Scientist

The power of Zeus - The fury of Hades.

Photo - Georg Bak
Georg Bak
Art Advisor and Curator

‍Georg specializes in digital art, NFTs, and generative photography. He currently advises institutions and art collectors at the intersection of blockchain technology and art. He has advised HeK Basel, MoCDA, CADAF, and Rare AF 2.

Robert Norton - robert norton
Robert Norton
CEO & Co-founder of Verisart

Robert founded Verisart, the blockchain certification & NFT minting platform. Former CEO & co-founder of Saatchi Art and Sedition Art.

Bnoiitc artiste(1)
Benoit Couty
Founder of MoCA

Benoît is one of the first NFT/Cryptoart collectors in France. In 2018, he founded the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), a native metaverse museum where he curates MoCA's permanent collection. Benoît is also a co-founding partner of NFT Factory.

vks - Vedran Kajic (2)

Developed Etherization, the first strategy game on Ethereum deployed in 2016.

jpja profile - JP Janssen
JP Janssen
Token Pioneer

Creator of OLGA & JPJA – first 1/1 and 1/N NFTs on Counterparty.

Me-GREECE - Sherone Rabinovitz
Sherone Rabinovitz
Creative Technologist & Conceptual Artist

Coder & Creative Technologist + Musician + Filmmaker = Conceptual Artist.

TED Gordon Berger
Gordon Berger

A Pioneer of the Crypto Art movement. Since late 2011, he has been exploring blockchain and the concepts of value, materiality, and abstraction. The first TEDx speaker to talk about NFTs in early 2018, he held the earliest physical NFT solo-exhibition in New York in 2019.

Judy Mam
Judy Mam
Co-Creator of DADA. Writer
Ben Gentilli
Robert Alice
Artist, Writer, Curator
Q-7FEqKa - Oficinas TK
Oficinas TK

Visual artist and founder of the TCBA - Lover of cats and Hermetics.

KoheiNakamura 中村昂平
Kohei Nakamura
Founder CryptoCrystal

CryptoCrystal Founder / tofuNFT VP of Product / CEO of MiniMiniDungeon ex-indeed.

Nathan gregg
Artist, creator of Kaleidoscope XCP
A Kaleidoscopic Exploration of Something.
Age of Chains
Kilian Kunst
CEO & Founder Intergalactic Travel Adventures

Creator of Age of Chains.

BeaPunk - Historic NFT Fest
Creator of DADA. Creeps & Weirdos, 2017
4FDC87EA-CF05-4F8F-83BF-BC743A968461 - James Waugh
James Waugh
Rare Art Festival Coordinator

Multidaomensional Human.

halluciphile-headshot - techiese
Theodore "Duncan" Krostue AKA Halluciphile
Innovator, Wordsmith & Visionary

P2p Publishing Since y2k. Cryptoartist Since 2014: m/eow, Punycodes, Counterparty.

ilan_portrait - ilan katin
Ilan Katin

Minting artworks on various blockchain platforms since 2018 and contributing regularly to

output-onlinepngtools - L
Louis Parker
Meme Engineer

Crypto Art respecter & Web3 Engineer

FannyLakoubay-Headshot-credit-CecileVacarro - Fanny Lakoubay
Fanny Lakoubay
Founder of LAL ART Advisory

Advisor to crypto artists and collectors since 2018.

shawnleary_headshot_HNFT - Shawn Leary
Shawn Leary
Rare Pepe Scientist (retired)

Founder of the Jacksonville Florida Bitcoin meetup. Co-founded the Rare Pepe Foundation and was a Rare Pepe Scientist that minted DANKPEPE in Sept. 2016.

Kevin Ferreira
Kevin Ferreira
Artist at Play

Founder of the early Counterparty project, The Scarab Experiment and creator of the XCPinata collection. Cryptographically hashed digital Panda characters with traits in 2011.

Koji Higashi
Organizer of Memorychain/Oasis Mining

Koji made contributions in the early digital collectibles/NFT era. He hosts

mlibty - Marko Zubak
Marko Zubak

Doing MY things since 1979.

Hugo McDonaugh
Hugo McDonaugh
CEO & Co-Founder, and

historic_ntf_pic - Bench
Rare Pepe Scientist

Contributing artist and curator of the Rare Pepe project on Counterparty (XCP). Foundation Member of Bitcorn. 

Gala Mirissa

Spanish artist Gala Mirissa is a quintessential digital polyglot whose work spans mediums and software but whose subject matter often remains focused on the balance of feminine strength and fragility. Her work has been exhibited and auctioned all over the world.

Gleb Divov
Gleb Divov / FAYR Ecosystem
Creative technologist / transdisciplinary immersive artist

CultureTech & NFT pioneer, Cryptoart OG with works in the permanent collections of EU modern art museums.

06-July-art-mix-5 - Tatiana Moroz
Tatiana Moroz
Singer Songwriter

1st Artist Coin TATIANACOIN April 2014 XCP, CEO Crypto Media Hub, Pixelmind.AI

Frens & accomplices

isaac-headshot - Isaac P
Isaac Patka
Blockchain Developer & Researcher

Co-creator of Logos DAO. Research fellow at Metagov. 

Nina-Roehrs-Portrait_2 - Nina Roehrs
Nina Roehrs
Founder of Roehrs & Boetsch

 Curator focusing on art in the digital age since 2016.

Alex Estorick
Alex Estorick
Editor-in-Chief at Right Click Save

Alex is a media theorist who seeks to develop socially progressive approaches to new technologies. He aims to drive critical conversation about NFTs, blockchain, and Web3.

A7522E85-6FB8-41CA-AE75-18ED8DC99AFC - Shannon Code
Shannon Code
Founder of Emblem Vault

A software developer and artist who is addicted to the fringe, and emerging tech.

Blackstar (1)
Founder of NFTrelics
White Rabbit
NFT Historian & Collector

“Digital assets for a digital age.” We are living through the emergence of a technology-led phenomenon that will change our world and our lives in ways we can hardly comprehend. This future impact of ‘digital ownership’ in turn attributes great significance to the pioneering projects, people and assets that laid the foundations being built upon today.

Adam McBride headshot (3) - Adam McBride
Adam McBride
NFT Archaeologist

Adam is responsible for rediscovering numerous historical NFT projects dating from the early days of NFTs. It’s his current thesis that NFTs will massively impact human culture, resulting in these early NFTs holding a unique, and valuable, place for collectors.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 10.37
Hannah Roodman
Producer, NEW HERE: An NFT Odyssey

Lead Producer of NEW HERE, a feature film capturing the transformative power of crypto art and NFTs

More to come...


HNFT Historical Landscape

The landscape of Historic NFTs and its accompanying exhibition aim to highlight the people, the unseen connections, the relationships, and the influences between creators and projects in the Web3 ecosystem.

This is an opportunity to explore a new way of writing history: a distributed, if not decentralized, documentation effort that is both transparent and collaborative within a rigorous, yet open-minded framework. 

Only by mapping out the co-existing dimensions and layers will we be able to understand where our influences came from and how we influence others. Only by making these relations visible can we better understand the cultural, social and technological impact of NFTs and what is the way forward.