Treasure Hunt

To celebrate the relaunch of Takara 2.0 by Christian Moss, the HNFTFest will be hosting an epic historical NFT treasure hunt.
Festival attendees will use the Takara geo-caching app to find and claim an array of historical assets that have been virtually ‘buried’ in various locations around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

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Hint: Tag your treasure finds with #HNFThunt


The hidden booty will include a variety of HNFTFest commemorative tokens created by Dada artists that can be claimed as memorabilia from this inaugural historical NFT event, along with almost 300 historical assets that are from the 2011-2019 period. The historical assets are derived from various chains including BTC (via Counterparty), Namecoin, Emercoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. Some of the projects and assets included in the hunt include: Spells of Genesis, Force of Will, RarePepes, MemoryChain, a Cryptoskull, CryptoCrystals, .bit domains, a PridePunk, a PunyCode, a physical slothicorn book, BitGirls, Dogeparty assets, Bitcorns, Kaleidoscope, Creeps and Weirdos and a Sarutobi Ninjasuit!
This treasure hunt has been made possible by the generosity of the HNFT community. Many thanks to: EverdreamSoft, Christian Moss, Koji Higashi, Dada, PunyCodes Project, CryptoCrystals, Shawn Leary, Stellabelle, Leonidas, Dan Anderson, Nutildah, Dada, Nick.bit, Jono, Liz, Rare Scrilla, JPJansson, Nonfungiblemate, Psycopyr0, Bryan Micon, and Rocco for the contributing assets for the hunt.